We asked the Swiss design legends Büro Destruct to develop a font – inspired by the edding 850 permanent marker, while we created a much-noticed documentary about it. The documentary referred to the dedicated download site and thereby started the distribution of the font. Once you’ve written something in the collaborative text editor you can download the font – and use the edding 850 on your computer.
On the website people could not only download the font. The site was also a gallery for all kinds of artwork that users created with the font. Here are some examples:
Even the Jetzt Magazin of the Süddeutsche Zeitung used the font for an article. The Project appeared just in the right kind of forums and blogs worldwide.


Creative Direction: Simon Jasper Philipp, Christoph Gähwiler, Stefan Walz
Art Direction: Simon Jasper Philipp, Alexander Müsgens, Johannes Widmer
Copy: Christoph Gähwiler, Max Biedermann
Graphic Art: Felix Demandt, Tomek Strzalka
Typeface: Büro Destruct
Director: Kai Sehr

Photographer: Daniel Wolcke
Produced by: kempertrautmann & shift
Agency: kempertrautmann

Cannes Lions 2012: Shortlist
Annual Multimedia Award 2013: Gold
ADC Germany 2013: Merit
Der Pixel 2012: Bronze

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