To introduce a new Sennheiser microphone – developed for videographers like online reporters or wedding photographers – we decided to tell an entertaining story about a videographer who has to fight with (almost) the same challenges as our target group.
Sometimes videographers have to travel to the most remote locations. In our film a videographer is heading off to a small village to lift the secret of a legendary oracle: He awakes only once every ten years to answer one question about the future.
Will our videographer Steve be there when the awakes after ten long years? What will he predict? And will Steve be able to capture this critical moment perfectly in sound and vision? This shortfilm gives all the answers and proofs the reliability of the AVX.
In addition to the main film we produced small product feature clips with the villagers. They demonstrate the AVX in their own playful manner while an off speaker explains the feature.

Sennheiser AVX // Link Protection

Sennheiser AVX // Dynamic Range

Sennheiser AVX // Plug and Record

Executive Creative Director: Mike John Otto
Creative Director: Simon Jasper Philipp, Jan Krause, Walter Schütz

Art Director: Simon Jasper Philipp, Nic Winkelmann
Copy: Jan Krause, Tobias Schöder, Till Felber
Producer: Uli Brodbeck, Axel Leyck
Director: Tore Frandsen
DOP: Kasper Wind Nielsen
Agency: Philipp und Keuntje, Hamburg
London International Advertising Awards 2015: 3x Gold
Clio Awards 2015: 1x Silver, 2x Bronze
Eurobest 2015: 2x Bronze
New York Festivals 2015: 4x Merit
ADC Germany 2015: 2x Bronze
Die Klappe 2016: Bronze
True Award 2015: 3x Winner
Creative Circle 2016: Gold
Shot 2014 in Transilvania, Romania
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