Our challenge was to find a simple and interesting way to communicate that the Audi A4 combines a lot of smart technologies which makes it one of the most efficient in its class. So we combined all our ideas and created a giant rubik’s cube made of glass.

The CG images were produced by Digital Domain in Los Angeles. Watch the Making of.

One of the first rough moodboards
Creative Direction: Gerrit Zinke, Jens Theil, Tobias Ahrens, Sönke Busch
Art Direction: Simon Jasper Philipp, Florian Schimmer
Copy: Christoph Gähwiler, Michael Götz
Agency Producer: Florian Weber, Ruth Jansen
Production Company: Markenfilm/Digital Domain
Director: Carl Erik Rinsch
Director or Photography: Martin Ruhe
Music: Audioforce
Agency: kempertrautmann

LIAA 2010: 1x Gold, 1x Finalist
ADC of Europe 2010: Finalist
NY Festivals 2010: 2x Silver, 1x Bronze, 2x Finalist
Clio Awards 2010: 2x Silver, 3x Finalist
Eurobest 2009: Finalist
Visual Effects Society Awards 2010
ADC Germany: 1x Silver, 1x Bronze, 2x Merit
VDW Award 2009: 2x Shortlist
Die Klappe 2010: 1x Silver, 3x Bronze, 2x Finalist
Luerzers Archive 1/2010

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